Elections - Discouraging democratic process

Cllr Roark is right to be angry about the bill for the council elections. However, his anger is misdirected.

This is exactly what the government wanted when they made local councils pay for their own elections - to discourage democratic processes as costly. It is part of the process (supported by our MP) to reduce council funding while increasing their responsibility and costs. I note Ms Atkins voted to decrease council funding by a further 28% this February - following cuts of 44% and 25% the previous two years.

It is important that we have the chance to vote on representatives at ALL levels. If you have a problem with the town council incurring a cost for this, take that up with those who changed the policy, rather than those seeking democracy.

Elections cost money - that is no argument for not holding them. The alternative is a dictatorship.

Dominic Hinkins

By email