DUTY - My record of achievements

Following a request from Mr Barker during a Town Council Meeting to list three things I have done for the town, I am pleased to give a few examples.

○ I was chairman of the Crime Prevention Panel when Horncastle became the first Market Town in East Lindsey to install a town centre CCTV System. I helped secure a £15,000 grant towards it.

○ During 1980s/1990s, I served on several local committees, such as Air Cadets, Horncastle Scouts and the Primary School PTA (some £25,000) – raising each group thousands of pounds.

○ In 1999, I helped save the War Memorial Centre, raising £300,000 for its purchase and alterations. I am chairman of the trustees.

○ During the late 1990s, I was a Member of the Friends of St Mary’s helping to raise the first £40,000.

○ In 2004, I helped raise £25,000 towards the Horncastle Canal Feasibility Study.

○ I was asked to stand for the Town Council in 1996 and have been a member ever since. Also serving on the District Council for eight years and Lincolnshire County Council for 12 years.

○ I was asked to join the Wong Group and tried to register it as a Town and Village Green. Stanhope Hall with others are still determined it remains Green.

○ I helped save the Horncastle Swimming Pool from closure.

○ I worked with Coun Martin to highlight Horncastle’s need for a Flood Alleviation Scheme – after years we now have £7.8million defence due to be officially opened.

○ I led the fight to save the Stanhope Hall for the people of Horncastle – raising £250,000, plus a further £15,000 in the last 12 months.

○ I ensured the local River-care was reformed and become an active member.

○ I made strong representation regarding the inadequate infrastructure in Horncastle. The retention of the Day Care Service and that of Horncastle Library.

○ I promoted Horncastle, as Chairman of Lincolnshire County Council. This included opening a Hi-Tech Hub in Horncastle for small business users.

○ I raised the profile of Horncastle during my three terms of office as Mayor of Horncastle.

Bill Aron

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