Councillor - Help to resolve local issues

Welcome ‘Almost Councillor’ Hinkins to local politics, I hope your adoption has given you the momentum to serve your community well.

I suggest that nailing your colours to the mast so early in your tenure won’t endear you to the majority of your Parish ie those who remember the spendthrift years of the Wilson/Callaghan, Blair/Brown governments, and the austerity that always followed a Labour administrations’ prolific spending. Even Liam Byrne’s famous note left to his Tory successor at the Treasury ‘Welcome there’s no money left’ reflected the gross financial maladministration by the previous occupant of Number 10.

Remember there’s no such thing as public money. All taxation comes from income earned by the private sector which through taxation pays for public services - oh and yes public servants are paid from the same income.

There is no magic money tree such as expounded by John McDonnell, cutting your cloth according to income preserves an economy for future generations rather than leaving them with the current financial baggage of mis-management.

I suggest you raise your eyes above the successes glorified by your fellow travellers - those of Cuba, Russia and more recently Venezuela, and their ‘successful’ socialist administrations, and work for your community on the increasing number of local issues needing resolution.

I also hope that you engage and question in Council meetings unlike the majority of wooden, mute individuals who occupy the chamber.

Finally, an open question to the Town: Surely if more than one individual offers to be coopted onto the Town Council then the only democratic way to decide who should serve would be a by-election. Yes Councillor Roarke it costs money, but democracy is priceless and would then not result in the recently seen stitch up.

Alan J Lockwood

By e mail