Council - Questions need answering

This is the letter I have sent to the town clerk.

Following a site visit on behalf of several residents of Osborne Way I would bring to your attention the following matters that require the Town Council’s action.

Has the diversion of the public footpath from Thimbleby Lane been agreed and legally approved and for how long will the temporary diversion be in place?

The state of Osborne Way is not acceptable and needs road sweeping daily and there is no evidence of a wash down area on the site for leaving by this route.

The site entrance off Langton Hill/Lane is now in place. What arrangements has the contractor in place to use this for construction purposes instead of Osborne Way?

When is the strategic planting outside the site to be carried out and completed?

I was under the impression that this would now be in hand as we enter the planting season.

Perhaps Cyden Homes could be invited to the next Planning Meeting to answer these questions.

Richard Barker

Via email