Council - Parking issue needs action

At the last Town Council meeting, residents were asked for items to be raised with Coun Davies.

The town council already have a schedule of items issued over the last year, by myself. Will these items be referred to in the meeting?

However, of urgent action are the state of roads on the Industrial Estate, particularly at the entrance from Boston Road which requires immediate action to prevent further damage.

How has this not been addressed over the last 12 months?

The parking of cars on the estate road on the Polypipe side and extending the length of the fir tree hedge to their site boundary, causes serious congestion.

It does not allow two cars to easily pass and allows no passing when articulated lorries come up and down the estate road.

No parking should be allowed on either side of all estate roads. Businesses should provide parking within the curtilage of their site under planning regulations.

The Bowl Alley Lane parking is still causing serious injury issues and cars are ignoring the restrictions due to lack of enforcement.

What follow up action has Coun Aron (Horncastle County Councillor) taken, since his last involvement over 9 months ago?

Indeed, have the Town Council taken any action or interest?

I would also like the Town Council to confirm the date of the proposed meeting with Cllr Davies. Will it be open to the public?

Also, does the town council have a date for the Patrick Cordingley’s meeting with Cllr Davies?

Richard Barker

Via mail