Council - Lack of action

The lack of meaningful progress and the understanding of procedures relevant to Highway Acts and Codes of Practice, by our county councillor is a sad indictment of his lack of responsibility to deliver the full range of outstanding issues.

At a town council meeting last week, his reference to a schedule identifying five items to be addressed is not the answer the council and the public should accept.

Cllr Wilkinson made reference to an extensive list which supports my schedule of many items, some going back over three to four years.

It is the responsibility of the county councillor NOT just to report all issues but by doing his own survey to ensure each item is followed up in terms of urgency and when it is going to be addressed and on an updated monthly schedule as Cllr Wilkinson rightly said.

Cllr Aron was asked to produce a comprehensive schedule of all issues in the town, at the June council meeting, when these will be addressed as well as when they were reported with the code reference when it was registered and how Cllr Aron has followed the items up by date and with who he has reported to at county.

As for the ‘green up’ campaign with regard to improving the town, when this was discussed in May 2011, by myself, it was agreed that a three year programme would be developed. This failed to be pursued.

It is accepted that old planters have been replaced at the entrance to West Street and the two planters replaced by boxes located on the railings on the bridge over the Bain opposite the Youth Centre.

It is also accepted that two or three lamp post double planters have also been installed in the High Street. Why hasn’t this been continued around the town?

By comparison to other Lincolnshire towns and villages, which are a credit to these communities, Horncastle is very much the poor relation.

The response by the council at last week’s meeting, was negative and made reference to town clean ups, river care and ELDC’s repair of the Market Place slabs which were a safety hazard. What was ignored was that the work was incomplete having not addressed some of the tree surrounds.

These answers ignored what I was referring to and ignored the basis of my question. The lack of visual impact will not bring visitors into the town.

Once again the town council demonstrate both a negative attitude to the issues and every reason not to do anything that will promote the town.

There are many ways of facilitating this project. I look forward to the council’s proposals at the next meeting as an agenda item.

Richard Barker, RIBA

via email