Costa - New businesses needed in Horncastle

I am delighted Horncastle Town Council has had the foresight to support the application for a Costa in Horncastle.

The town needs an injection of new businesses and new ideas, if it is to attract more people and compete with other places in Lincolnshire.

I - and many others - regularly go to Woodhall Spa on a Sunday to take advantage of the many shops and cafes open there.

I know some retailers do open in Horncastle (on a Sunday) but let’s be honest, they are very few and far between.

Often, the atmosphere is like a ghost town, especially in poor weather.

I’ve seen families wandering the streets looking for something to do, only to clamber back into their cars and no doubt head somewhere else.

I’ve also spoken to walkers and cyclists who are struggling to find somewhere to eat.

I can understand the concerns of some coffee shop/cafe owners about Costa, but as they themselves say, they all offer something different.

Competition is a good thing, and I’m sure younger people in Horncastle would welcome Costa with open arms.

Martin Thompson

via email