Costa - Comparison is wrong

Your correspondent supporting the possible arrival of Costa to Horncastle is quite wrong to make a comparison between Woodhall Spa on a Sunday and Horncastle.

Woodhall has MANY more visitors, and is a greater ‘draw’ due to the many extra facilities available. For example, The Broadway, being the main attraction, has FREE on road parking, and 2 hour FREE parking behind the shops. There are NOT that many shops open; the main draw being the excellent delicatessen, which is hugely supported, two newsagents, and a few cafes with on pavement seating. Other major attractions are three excellent restaurants and other pubs offering food, plus of course the golf club, for players and diners.

Not forgetting too the facility of Jubilee Park for children and sporting activities, and caravanners, that create footfall on to The Broadway.

Then, of course, there is the The Dambusters Memorial, which has a huge visitor following.

Horncastle has NONE of these facilities to draw people in, and whilst Horncastle is very quiet on a Sunday, allowing a very expensive coffee outlet to open is a major folly, and a detriment to existing businesses on the other 6 trading days, especially when there are three cafes within 50 yards and four others within 150 yards.

Horncastle certainly needs an injection of new businesses, but not just a repetition of what we already have !

Ron Fisher

by e mail