Correction - Report on artist talk needs amending

Thank you very much for the excellent coverage of the talk at Horncastle History and Heritage Society on portrait artist Annie Dixon. It was so informative and amazingly well researched.

However, we wish to point out a couple of errors in the report and would appreciate an amendment, as we are very much aware that newspaper articles are used for historic research, and Colin Gascoyne’s name is associated with this one, so he did not want them attributing to him.

I realise that the error about Annie working with Ann Cook in Hull, rather than just staying with her, is actually from our pamphlet on Annie and for that I apologise.

These are the points that do not accord with Colin’s research:

1 - Annie had 222 paintings exhibited at the Royal Academy between 1844 and 1893, but they are not still there.

2 - The evening featured works from the Royal Collection Trust only, not from the Royal Academy.

3 - Annie was the third child of eight, having four sisters and three brothers; she was not the eldest.

4 - She stayed with Ann Cook in Hull - I have no evidence that she worked with her.

5 - Annie was in great demand in the UK, but I have found no evidence to suggest that she worked in Europe.

Many thanks

Mary Silverton

Horncastle History and 
Heritage Society