Connections - Did anyone know Pat?

I am hoping some of your readers may be able to help me.

As a young child I would accompany my dad, Albert Hall, to the cemetery in Boston Road to put flowers on my Granny’s grave and then he would say “Right we’ll put some flowers on Pat’s grave now” and we always did.

Now, many years later, I visit my Dad’s grave and always put flowers on Pat’s grave too.

I then started to think who is Pat and what is the connection with him and my Dad?

The Pat in question is Flt Lt Pat Enderby DFC.

He died on 4th April 1945.

I have researched his brave actions whilst test flying a Mosquito aircraft and crashing in Cambridgeshire.

I am still, however, no wiser to any connection to my Dad (if any).

Did he come from Horncastle? My Dad was brought up in Prospect Street.

Has he any family in Horncastle or the surrounding area?

Perhaps my Dad just admired his brave actions.

I am very curious to find out and would be happy to be contacted by email at:

Linda Applewhite nee Hall

by email