Comments - Articles raise number of issues

This week’s Horncastle News, (15 August) identifies several articles and letters which require comment.

The Wildlife Park should be supported by the Town Council and ELDC.

The objection by the housing developer is irrelevant, as they knew what was being proposed before they bought the land, so I am advised.

The Wildlife Park is an asset for the town and should be applauded and fully supported by all parties.

The Town needs this investment.

ELDC Planning Chair has berated the Local Plan which has taken over 6 years to be produced, after three knock backs from the Inspector, for non compliance and is written in such a way as to make residential approvals as quoted in the article, being refused.

It is not fit for purpose.

Time to consider a few P45’s ELDC.

Whilst growth is important for towns and villages, Horncastle has suffered by the lack of a Local Plan allowing no challenge to the large scale developments being approved, where infrastructure, school places and medical facilities are inadequate.

How much has this Local Plan cost ELDC?

The dismissed, Chatz Hairdressers claim, by LCC, due to Highway flooding, is a prime example of lack of support by the Town and County Councillor, who has not helped in any way.

The reasons for dismissal of the claim, by LCC legal department, are for wholly spurious reasons and the business has my full support to see justice done.

The repair of the cobbles in the Market Place demonstrate the failing of the Highways Dept, in not dealing with this safety issue within 24 hours, as required by LCC’s own protocols, and a lack of urgency shown by our County Councillor.

It has taken over three weeks to address the matter. Reporting something to LCC, needs to be followed up and challenged for non performance.

How can LCC Highways decide to put back the works to the Langton Hill, A158 and West Street junction because of the August Bank Holiday.

LCC have shown yet again a gross incompetence, amply covered by Andrew Neal’s letter last week (August 15).

The August Bank Holiday has been in place for decades.

It shows a lack of competent planning and proper and in time consultation.

Sorry, LCC don’t consult according to County Councillor Davies.

The saga of the bus stops on Lincoln Road again demonstrates the failings of LCC and ELDC, to apply the appeal decision.

The Inspector took into account the Developers Transport Plan, submitted as part of the appeal, and on his instructions, he asked the Developer and ELDC to agree all conditions that should be applied, in advance of his decision, as well as the wording to be included.

This was done, and the approval notice included these, including the provision of two bus stops.

They cannot be excluded and LCC should be held to account to provide them as LCC, at the time of the decision, were responsible for their provision and maintenance, so I am told.

For the record, other conditions which should have been in place before work commenced have also been allowed to lapse.

Not good enough ELDC. It makes a mockery of the Planning process.

Centurion Park requires Waterloo Housing to address the problems and the Town Council and Police should also step up to the mark and deal with it.

The residents deserve this backing and a positive outcome.

Finally, Councillor Richard Davies, LCC portfolio holder for Highways, said that crime levels had not increased due to street lighting being turned off.

I think Coun Davies needs to look at the evidence for Horncastle and provide his evidence for making this statement.

Richard Barker, RIBA

via email