Car damage - More visible sign needed

I can understand the anger of Peter Foster suffering damage to his car after he drove into a warning pole in the Stanhope Hall car park.

There is very clear signage stating that the car park is ‘Private’ - not public, and as with the majority of car parks up and down the country - NO liability is accepted for any damage, however sustained.

The Hall car park is solely for users of the Hall, the tenants and others that have need of brief access - it is NOT for use by the general public to allow them to go shopping or to park for the day, and it’s facility is very often abused in this respect.

Clearly the pole has been damaged at some time in the past, and should have been dealt with before now, rather than just attaching a piece of virtually unseen warning tape that has deteriorated over time.

Whilst the Stanhope Hall, quite rightly, refuses to accept any responsibility for this unfortunate accident, they SHOULD contact the power authority for the underground cable and insist that they erect some more visible protection that marks where the cabling is, and ensure that it is safe for motorists to park alongside in the future!

Ron Fisher

Hemingby Way, Horncastle