Bypass - Would bypass be justified?

Even at the most cautious estimate, it would seem a bypass would cost £100m (and more).

It doesn’t matter where the funding comes from, it will be us (the taxpayer) who will be paying for a new road.

Surely a better (and cheaper) solution would be to improve the junction of the A158 and A153 in Horncastle - or the Bull Ring bottleneck as our esteemed MP has dubbed it.

One of the biggest problems is that of vehicles waiting to turn right into the town from the direction of Skegness.

One or two vehicles waiting in line means HGVs (and there are a lot of them) do not have the room to get by, either to turn into Boston Road or to go straight on along Jubilee Way.

I can’t believe with all the technology available today something can’t be done - without the expense of a new road.

I might be stirring a hornet’s nest here but how many days of the year are the jams that bad to justify such expenditure.

Martin Emmerson

Via email