Bypass - We need to see some action

There have been good articles concerning the requirement for a bypass in the Horncastle News.

The question that I ask is, where is the evidence that Coun Bill Aron or MP Victoria Atkins have actually “engaged” with anyone?

There is no point in them mentioning the worsening traffic situation in passing, at a Conservative tea party.

I would expect both of these individuals to go into print and make their case in writing.

All correspondence on the subject should be in the public domain so that the public can see that they are being well represented.

Coun Aron saying that he will “monitor the situation” is completely meaningless.

He also states that “funding for this type of project is extremely complex and will take some time to come together”.

May I suggest that he takes action now!

I have requested that the bypass is an agenda item at the next town council meeting.

I would hope that Coun Aron will take a lead on this.

I am still awaiting a reply from Victoria Atkins.

Maybe she is collating all the letters already written on the subject?

Andrew Neal

West Street, Horncastle