Bypass - Are decades of waiting finally over?

Once again, we read about our County Council banging the drum about a Horncastle bypass.

I am in my 50s now and can remember being told a bypass would be built when I was still at school.

Well, I am still waiting.

I cannot believe Coun Davies is so optimistic about attracting the huge amount of Government funding this project would require.

A bypass for Wragby?

A bypass for Horncastle?

A bypass for Langton?

A bypass for Sausthorpe?

But what about the rest of the A158?

What about the last mile or so of the journey approaching Skegness?

Moving the jams from one location to another is not the answer.

No doubt if we lived in any other part of the country, a new modern road would be built, replacing the current route.

Again, Lincolnshire is treated as a second class county.

David Jackson