Bypaa - Great asset for the area

A by-pass would be a wonderful asset and not just for Horncastle.

For the last few months, we have regularly travelled from Lincoln to visit our daughter who lives near Skegness.

She’s out at work during the week so we have to travel at a weekend.

The delays have been a nightmare.

Rarely, have we completed the journey without her ringing us, wondering where we are.

It must be a fact that traffic travels faster in the centre of London than it does on the Lincoln to Skegness road.

Often, vehicles start queuing long before Wragby and then all the way into Horncastle.

It is a similar story on the return journey, with long queues to get through Horncastle and then Wragby again. I wonder how many people are put off visiting our beautiful coastline because of all the delays?

Ideally, it would be perfect if the road was up-graded to a dual-carriageway.

However, no doubt the first thing the powers-that-be would do is put a 40mph limit on it.

Frank Cassidy

Brayford, Lincoln