Buses - Use them or lose them

Your recent editorials re- bus services in the Horncastle area highlighting the problem councils are facing across the country and not just Lincolnshire.

As a regular user of public transport, I know how important the service is.

As other contributors to your paper have rightly pointed out, not everyone has access to a car.

The first point I would make is that if more people actually used buses then there wouldn’t be a need for such hefty subsidies.

I did read in one of your articles that the county council subsidies the Horncastle to Louth service by £57,000 a year. That is a huge sum, by any standards.

The other is that I suspect a large percentage of passengers do not pay the full fare.

For example, I know how popular the Lincoln to Skegness service is during the summer with retired people (like me).

I have no doubt there will be more cuts next year.

Unless more people use public transport then we only have ourselves to blame.

Michael Harrison

Via email