Buses - Not everyone has a car

In this day and age, it is all too easy to forget not everyone has access to a car.

I don’t - and neither do a lot of my friends.

As a result, we regularly use the local bus service - or what is left of it.

I can remember the days when it was possible to get about this area on buses.

There was even a shuttle bus which ran in and around Horncastle.

For people like me who live on the edge of town, it was wonderful to be able to use that service and shop locally. Not any more.

Now I read in your paper that there is the prospect of even more cuts to services.

How long will it be before there are no buses at all.

The main service - Lincoln to Skegness - has been cut back and it is impossible to travel to Lincoln in an evening to attend an event.

As for the service between Horncastle and Louth for hospital appointments, the less said the better.

I know of people who have had to cancel appointments because they have been in the afternoon and there is no bus back to Horncastle from Louth.

The last time I looked, we paid the same subsidies in our council tax bills to people living in areas of the county with a lot better service.

I wonder if the officials who make the decisions regarding bus services will give us some money back - if they cut services again.

Anne Curtis

via email