Buses - Not a problem

I wonder if residents are aware the Lincoln/Skegness bus already stops in many places on the busy A158, including on Lincoln Road and East Street, and has done so for years without issues?

As for having to cross Jubilee Way to reach the stops, anyone living south of the river has been doing this for years too.

On the other hand, this arrangement, if made permanent, would save the buses doing an unnecessary 3,800 miles each year of loops through the MarketPlace to get back to where it started - and reduce traffic on the main road by one bus per hour!

I wouldn’t like to see a double decker attempting Stanhope Road at school leaving time to reach North Street either; parking there is already bad. So there is no other suitable site for a bus stop within reasonable walking distance of the town centre, especially for the less able - isn’t Jubilee Way the lesser evil?

Dominic Hinkins

via email