Bridge work - Closure sign wasn’t clear

Just to say well done for closing Kirkstead Bridge near Woodhall Spa for resurfacing the weekend before Christmas.

I live in Martin and all there was to tell me that the bridge was closed was one ‘road closed’ sign placed at the east end of the High Street, adjacent to the Martin North Drove junction.

It certainly wasn’t clear whether the sign referred to a closure of North Drove or to the main road to the bridge, the B1191.

I also noted in July that the original signs near the bridge announced that ‘work commences here for 12 weeks’.

It’s now the start of January, so I think it’s something of an under-statement to say that the work has overrun.

I make the journey from Martin to Woodhall Spa regularly and have noticed highways operatives doing little or nothing, or the bridge being deserted,

with no work being done at all.

Caroline Chadderton

By email