Brexit - PM needs support

As we start the 19th year of the 21st century, the disgraceful events of the last 6 months, concerning our government, and the majority of MPs on all sides of the political divide, show the world what a spent force the UK is in following the democratic process.

The Referendum to determine whether we remained or left the EU showed the people’s desire to leave.

Since the Prime Minister stepped up to take over the shambles, started by Cameron and compounded by the inadequacies of Davies and Rabb, both of whom have resigned and not supported the Prime Minister, they and the other 105 MPs, who supported the non-confidence vote, should be deselected by their Associations before the next General Election.

Those who voted to oust the PM should be named and shamed.

The opposition, led by Corbyn and a ragtag group of individuals, none of whom have put forward any credible alternatives because the opposition have only one thing in mind, and that is to force a General Election to further their misguided ambitions.

This inept group have short memories. When Neil Kinnock called a general election in the overwhelming belief that they could not loose, the headline in one of the tabloids read, ”the last one to leave (the UK), turn the lights out”.

The Tories won, against what most people believed were insurmountable odds. Another 5 years were spent unscrambling the mess the Labour Government had created. No different to the shambles that the Brown administration left us with, and created the austerity needed to sort the problems out, yet again.

Theresa May needs all MPs on her side of the House to accept her reinstatement as PM and man up and stand together to get the Brexit deal through. Any negotiation will not achieve exactly what everyone wants on both sides.

If the peoples’ representatives, the MPs of the House of Commons, don’t support the deal then this country could slide into chaos because this Leave decision voted for by the people, and represented by their MP, has become a political football for personal gratification and political gain.

Richard Barker