Bank closure - Define busy

As a retired bank clerk, I read with interest about the closure of another Horncastle bank. Whilst sympathising with the concerns of customers, I feel the term ‘busy’ sadly does not necessarily equate with ‘profitable’, and the bottom line is that nowadays profit is what it’s all about.

There may be queues outside the bank door, making the branch busy, but if the majority of transactions are of the routine type or possibly queries, then money is not being made.

The hard fact is that so much can be done online or by telephone, and that is only going to accelerate.

Don’t forget that the Post Office can now deal with many everyday bank transactions on your behalf.

I hope that any staff who wish to be re-deployed get the opportunity to do so, but in my experience, many colleagues especially older ones who remember more convivial working days pray that their branch will be selected for closure, and enable them to apply for much-longed for redundancy.

Jean Wilkinson