Wragby Parish council news

Wragby News EMN-171027-065508001
Wragby News EMN-171027-065508001

There are again two vacancies on the council, following the resignation of Gavin Skerry due to changes in his work commitments.

There is possible progress on the proposed pedestrian crossing in Horncastle Road, as County Coun Patricia Bradwell has met with highway officers recently, who informed her work is being carried out to see where it could be installed.

Vehicle and pedestrian counts were undertaken in September and October, with data from the Reactive Speed Sign also being used as evidence.

During the 32 days the sign had been in place, a total of 171,103 cars and motorbikes had passed it, an average of 5,347 each day.

Peak volumes of traffic were 10am to 11am and 3pm to 4pm, with the maximum speed recorded as 63mph at 12.30am on a Sunday morning.

The new 20-year lease has been agreed between Dove Park Bowls Club and the Parish Council, while a request for a top up payment has also been made to the club.

The Market Place Christmas tree will be put up and decorated on December 3.

The proposed site for the new substation has changed and Western Power is now looking at the suggested alternative - the former British Telecom building and land on Silver Street.

This is still at the planning stage.

Their initial plan was to relocate from Church Street to a site at the junction of Cemetery Road and Horncastle Road.

The supply needs to be upgraded to meet current needs.