Woodhall Spa youngster grows giant sunflowers 13 feet tall

A tall order:  Charlie Allam, 7,  proudly shows off  the sunflowers he's grown in his grandad's garden
A tall order: Charlie Allam, 7, proudly shows off the sunflowers he's grown in his grandad's garden

Charlie Allam is just like most other seven years olds - until it comes to growing things.

It appears the Woodhall Spa youngster really has got green fingers.

He’s never happier than helping his grandad, Ken Tomlinson, in the garden.

And Charlie - a pupil at St Andrew’s School in Woodhall Spa - is a pretty dab hand when it comes to growing things himself.

In fact, he’s the proud owner of some giant sunflowers which have reached an incredible 3.69 metres in height (13 feet).

Even with a pair of ladders, Charlie is dwarfed by the impressive plants.

And it’s not just sunflowers that Charlie has turned his gardening skills to.

Grandad Ken explained: “He’s got his own small plot of our garden and it’s amazing to see what he’s managed to grow.

“There are runner beans - the whole lot.

“He’s really keen and if I’m honest, a lot of what he’s grown is better than my own stuff.

“I don’t mind, though. Charlie is never happier than when he’s with me in the garden.

“It’s great to see.”

Ken admits even he was staggered by the height of the sunflowers which seem to have thrived in something of an indifferent summer weather-wise.

He explained: “We started out by planting some seeds in cardboard pots.

“Then, we moved them on to a cold frame and finally put them outside.

“Then, they just seemed to grow and grow - until they reached 13 feet.

“I’ve grown them before but have never managed that height.

“Charlie’s really proud and so he should be.

“He’s already talking about growing even taller ones next year!”

Apart from sunflowers, the family regularly tuck into other produce grown by Charlie.

There are various vegetables while his tomatoes have earned high praise.

It’s not just grandad and grandma who have helped.

Ken explained: “Charlie’s also a member of the gardening club at St Andrew’s. I think that’s a terrific idea and all credit to the school.

“It’s tremendous that the children are learning how to grow their own food.”

As for Charlie, he’s thinking about buying a bigger set of ladders - just so he can reach the top of next year’s crop!