Woodhall Spa woman needed hospital treatment after tripping on a ‘sleeping policeman’ at cinema

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No Caption ABCDE EMN-171120-120639001

This is the bruised and battered face of Helena Smith, the mother-in-law of one of the world’s top film producers, who was injured after falling in the car park of her local cinema when she went to see his latest blockbuster.

Helena Smith’s daughter is married to producer Mark Gordon whose list of credits includes Saving Private Ryan, Criminal Minds, Grey’s Anatomy and the recently released re-make of Murder On The Orient Express.

Mrs Smith, who lives in Woodhall Spa, rejected an invitation to attend the 
star-studded British premier of Murder On the Orient Express at the Royal Albert Hall.

Instead, she and her husband Peter opted to watch the film at the 
Kinema in the Woods.

But Mrs Smith says she tripped over a ‘sleeping policeman’ in the Kinema car park and required hospital treatment.

Mrs Smith says the incident has left her ‘shaken’ and ‘wary of going out at night’.

Her husband ​was concerned about the car park surface.​

The couple say they have spoken out to warn other people​ about their concerns.

Mr Smith said: “We were looking forward to viewing our son-in-law’s latest production but sadly on trying to negotiate the very uneven, poorly lit car park area - full to capacity with badly parked vehicles - Helena tripped over a partly leaf covered sleeping policeman.

“The rest of the evening - and much of the following day - were spent in the Accident and Emergency Department at Lincoln County Hospital with more visits to follow.

Mr Smith says his wife sustained ruined clothes, broken glasses and looked as though she had ‘emerged from a war zone.’

H​e​ added: ”There was some ‘good news’. On the day of her birthday, the manager of the Kinema made an outstanding offer - free tickets and guess what...free popcorn.”

Mr Smith added: “There are smashed verges, pot holes and tree roots around.

“Please someone, get a grip and sort this area out.”

The couple did confirm they had returned to the Kinema to watch the film.

Mrs Smith said: “Other members of the family did go to the premier in London but we didn’t want all the fuss.

“We thought it would be easier to go to our local cinema. How wrong we were.

“The fall has left me very shaken and I’m wary of going out.

“The car park (sat the Kinema) is badly lit and it was a nasty fall.”

The News contacted the Kinema in the Woods. Manager Philip Jones said he did not want to comment, apart from confirming the incident was in the ‘hands of our insurers.’