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Woodhall Spa EMN-160125-115739001

Music and healthy hedgehogs

Gardeners’ association - At the May meeting, the speaker was Angela Smith, who spoke about how she has cared for sick, injured and orphaned hedgehogs since 2003.

A fit, healthy hedgehog can cover two miles in an evening, searching for natural food sources. They love a saucer of dry cat food.

The 43 members present were introduced to Herbie, just one of many hedgehogs in Angela’s care at Caddington Hedghogs.

The plant stall at the meeting raised £33 for LIVES.

Members and friends had an enjoyable trip to Sheringham Park to see the rhododendrons and then on to the town where many took a nostalgic steam train ride.

There are still seats available for the outing to Chatsworth on September 29.

The next meeting will be in St Peter’s Hall on June 15, when Steve Lovell’s talk is ‘A Landscaper’s Life’.

Visitors are always welcome to attend.

Music - A large audience gathered to hear the concert by Tim Flint in St Peter’s Hall.

All the usual ingredients were there – humour, showmanship and great musical talent.

He played a wide range of music, including brass band, jazz and classical.