Witham and District Ladies Probus Club hold January meeting


The most recent meeting of the Witham and District Ladies Probus Club was held on January 26.

Rachel Shaw went along to talk about the work of the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust and was able to give members an up-to-date report on the beaching of the two sperm whales at Skegness and a third at Wainfleet Marshes.

Rachel also spoke about the history of nature reserves and many interesting details about those in Lincolnshire.

Charles Rothschild, one of the wealthy Rothschilds of Waddesden Manor in Buckinghamshire, was one of the first instigators of the idea.

He was very concerned about the protection of the great crested grebe.

A list of places suitable for nature reserves was compiled and, in 1949, the first site was opened at Gibraltar Point, near Skegness.

It has had educational facilities for many years.

The Wildlife Trust has many invaluable volunteers. Harry, at Red Hill reserve, was given a special mention.

He propagates seeds taken from the meadow flowers and returns the plants back to the meadows, giving a marvellous display of colour.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, February 23, when Bob Booth will give a talk entitled “My Life of Leisure”.