WI’s knitting takes streets by storm

A small army of WI members went into action at 6am on Saturday to yarnstorm Horncastle.

The knitting and fabric-based street art included blankets and a nose-bag for the horse statues, festoons of bunting on bridges and railings, cosies for bollards, poppies outside the War Memorial Hospital, sleeves for trees, a giant caterpillar on the statue outside the Grammar School and huge cobwebs.

Yarn storm in Horncastle EMN-150630-085331001

Yarn storm in Horncastle EMN-150630-085331001

There were knitted cushions on benches in the Tesco bridge area and a North Street hedge full of brightly coloured hedgehogs. Sadly the installations, planned to coincide with the SO Festival, did not all stay in place for too long.

“We feared people might take the items and the installations were only meant to be there for a short time anyway,” said Darryl White, president of West Ashby WI, which had joined forces with Horncastle WI to produce the scores of hand-made items over several months.

“Unfortunately quite a lot of prominent pieces were taken on the first night, including the horse blankets and nose bag on Jubilee Way, the little hedgehogs in North Street, and cosies from bollards in the town centre.

“It’s a shame they were not on display a little longer for people to have a chance of enjoying them but we were pleased to have made the items and briefly added to the fun of the festival.”