Why yoga lover Jenny’s a mum in a million!

Jenny gets a helping hand from young son Tristan
Jenny gets a helping hand from young son Tristan

These days, there seems to be seems to be an endless list of people asking for money to ‘support’ some good cause or other.

However, a Horncastle mum-of-three has come up with a sponsorship idea with a difference.

Jenny Davey, aged 41, is not after your hard-earned cash.

She has undertaken a month of sponsored yoga.

And, she wants people to show their support by helping reduce their carbon footprint.

Apparently, that could mean using fewer carrier bags - or spending two minutes a day less in the shower.

Jenny explained: “If you ever get weary of being asked to sponsor someone for a worthy cause, I’ve found the ideal alternative.”

While Jenny is carrying out her daily yoga session, she hopes people will be ‘doing their bit’ to cut their carbon footprint.

Jenny added: “There is information on the site ‘DoNation,’ who have come up with a menu of simple ‘DoActions’ that anyone can do, like using fewer plastic bags, cycling to work, or eating less meat.

“People select an action and pledge to do it for two months, and a total amount of CO2 saved through my yoga will be calculated.”

Jenny is a member of Transition Town Horncastle, a group looking at ways of achieving a more sustainable way of life at a local level.

She said: “My youngest son, Tristan, was about to turn 3, and as I was thinking about what to do for his birthday, I thought that there would be nothing better for a gift for a child than to cut carbon for a better future.

“Since I’ve been wanting to do daily yoga for a very long time, and came across the unusual ‘DoNation’ idea, I decided to do this for Tristan and the planet.

“It’s no easy task doing the yoga with three small boys.

“It often involves being jumped on, or kissed on the nose, while doing a relaxation.

“So far, I’ve done more than 21 days to date, so I feel proud.”

Thanks to her hard work, Jenny believes nearly 500kg of CO2 has been saved through the special birthday gift to her so.

However, she would like to double that if possible.

* Anyone who would like to join in the not-for-cash sponsorship, can go to Jenny’s ‘Do Page - http://www.thedonation.org.uk/node/8218 and making a pledge.