Why region’s dog owners truly love their four legged friends

Dog owners in the East Midlands share their thoughts on leaving their pets at home.
Dog owners in the East Midlands share their thoughts on leaving their pets at home.

Dog owners across the region have been sharing their thoughts on leaving their pet pooch home alone in a survey commissioned by Lintbells

40% of those surveyed in the East Midlands typically leave their dog alone during the working day and over half admit to feeling bad about it. To make up for it, almost 60% of the owners surveyed take their dog for an extra-long walk when they get home.

Owners that do leave their dogs at home during the day often leave the radio or TV on for their pets whilst out. Over one quarter admit to feeling as bad, or worse, about leaving their dog home alone compared to their teenage children.

Alethea Maillard, Marketing Manager at Lintbells, producers of the YuCALM supplement proven to keep furry friends happy at home, said: “People say dogs are man’s best friend, and it seems that really is the case.

“No owner wants to leave their dog alone but sometimes it’s unavoidable. As a result, it seems many are finding different ways to try and make sure their dog doesn’t end up feeling lonely while they are out. It just goes to show how much we love our pets.”

The national study of 2,000 dog owners found that more than a fifth have allowed their dog to sleep next to them in bed to make up for not being around while more than one in ten have even given them a steak dinner. One in ten have also taken time off work or dodged social events to keep their pooch company.

Dog behavioural expert Dr. Emily Blackwell PhD, CCAB, senior lecturer in Companion Animal Welfare, said: “Leaving dogs alone should be a normal experience for both owners and their pets, and shouldn’t be something to worry about. It is vital to introduce this time alone for your dog from a very young age so that it becomes a normal part of life.

“There is a lot of useful advice out there to help owners. Giving dogs a special treat when they are left alone can be a great way of making time alone fun, however if the dog doesn’t eat the treat, it can be a sign that it is anxious. Leaving nice toys and treats can also help owners feel less worried about leaving their pet.”