Why local author Abby has ‘Golden’ touch in America

In demand: Author Abby Tartellin who is making a big impact in America
In demand: Author Abby Tartellin who is making a big impact in America

Award-winning author Abby Tarttellin has opened talks with leading American producers in a bid to turn her best selling novel ‘Golden Boy’ into a major new TV series.

Abby, a former pupil at Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, has shot to world-wide prominence with her first two published novels, Golden Boy and Flick.

Golden Boy - described as a coming of age story like no other - has taken America by storm.

It has won a number of prestigious awards and been nominated for several others.

The book was launched in paperback format across the United States last week.

Now, in an exclusive interview with the News, Abby has revealed her representatives in Los Angeles are in talks with TV companies.

Abby said: “I’ve been working on a number of things.

“I’ve finished the TV pitch for a series in America.

“I have a manager in LA and I sent it to her. She loved it.

“We’re going out to producers now. We’ll see what happens but I’m hopeful..It would be so cool.

“The producers seem interested but you never know.”

A TV series would add to Abby’s growing reputation.

She confirmed Flick - her first novel - is set to be re-published in the States in January, on the back of the success of Golden Boy.

She added: “Golden Boy came out in paperback in the States last Tuesday.

“We won the Alex award from the American Library Association for outstanding book.

“We were finalist in the Lamba Awards for the best debut fiction novel.

“Both are big awards in the US.

“We also got a big order from one of their biggest nationwide supermarket chains - the equivalent of like Asda.

“It’s doing really well there.”

Abby also confirmed Golden Boy was a hit in several other countries and a No1 best seller in Taiwan.

She added: “It’s been a crazy year.

“A personal friend was involved in a bad accident in the States and I took time out to take care of him.

“I had been tinkering with the TV pitch but wasn’t really sure what to do. Now, everything is coming together.”

Abby has a working visa for America but says she values spending time with family in Horncastle.

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