Why Hollie’s big day was must see viewing for millions on Don’t Tell The Bride

Hollie Belton and James Fraser EMN-140923-121738001
Hollie Belton and James Fraser EMN-140923-121738001

Horncastle bride Hollie Belton didn’t exactly get the wedding of her dreams, but thanks to a TV programme her groom James Fraser did.

James didn’t fancy the idea of a traditional wedding, the couple couldn’t agree on wedding plan details, so Hollie decided to apply for the BBC3 programme Don’t Tell The Bride which would give James the chance to organise their wedding in a way he wanted.

Hollie, 28, said: “He wanted to get married but he didn’t want all the tradition and fuss and would have preferred to run away to do it. We both thought that we wouldn’t get on the programme and then our application was accepted, I didn’t want to force James into something he didn’t want to do, but he soon got into it.”

Viewers watched as the happy couple tied the knot on top of a building in Peckham, London. Hollie’s ideal choice would have been to marry at St Mary’s Church in Horncastle, as her mother, father and two sisters did, but she was pleased with how the wedding went, organised with care by her devoted groom.

“The worst thing about it was that James and I couldn’t speak to each other for three weeks as the wedding was being organised. I had to move out and the programme makers took away our social networking sites and gave us a replacement phone so we couldn’t even call each other. I thought I liked surprises but now I’m not so sure.” Hollie said.

The wedding had to remain entirely secret until the day so that Hollie knew nothing about the plans. The point of the programme is that grooms and not brides organise everything from the dress to the venue.

Hollie wore a Vivienne Westwood gown and enjoyed the best surprise of the day, which was when the local busker who plays outside her local supermarket played at her wedding.

She said: “James knew I liked him. He is very talented and I’m always giving him money. He’s very persistent and a local legend.”

The rooftop wedding on May 4 was where the couple exchanged vows, but because the building had no licence to hold the ceremony, they then moved on to the Brent Civic Centre in Wembley to wed legally on May 6.

Hollie’s mum Sally from Langton Hill, Horncastle, said :”Although it was quite a controversial programme, we were fine with it. It’s their choice and their decision and we are very happy for them.”