Strong winds prompt weather warnings across the area

Strong winds
Strong winds

A warning has been put into place by the Met Office this weekend as winds ‘increase expected impacts to medium’ - with the office saying the worst conditions will be during this afternoon (Saturday).

The warning on the MET Office website said southwesterly severe gales will affect much of northern England, north Wales, Northern Ireland, southern and central Scotland at times during Saturday and overnight into Sunday.

It said: “The worst conditions seem likely to be during Saturday afternoon and evening across parts of northern England, southeast Scotland and perhaps northeast Wales and the northwest Midlands

“Here gusts to around 70 mph are possible even at lower levels, with hills seeing even higher gusts.

“Elsewhere in the warning area, gusts are likely to be around 60 mph, with some less windy interludes, especially through central parts of Scotland.“

The office warned of likelihood of travel disruption on roads with winds capable of bringing down trees and causing damage to buildings.

The MET office’s Chief forecaster said: “By Saturday a very strong west to southwest airstream is expected to be in place across much of the UK, but will be particularly strong along, and to the south of, the trailing frontal zone. A wave running along this zone seems likely to supply a further “squeeze” in the Saturday afternoon/ evening period, and it is the extent of this “squeeze” which remains somewhat uncertain - enough perhaps to boost gusts by 10 mph or so.

“Because the airmass is stable, this will mean that not only do exposed coasts and hills see very strong gusts, but some potentially damaging gusts may be experienced in the lee of high ground, as for example in northeast England, northeast Wales and southeast Scotland.”

A period of heavy rain will also affect much of the area.

Trees blocking roads have already been reported, with Louth Police (@LouthPolice) tweeting out a picture of the first one they have come across.

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