‘We will bounce back’ pledge organisers of town’s festivals

Horncastle Festival wash-out EMN-140707-151745001
Horncastle Festival wash-out EMN-140707-151745001

“We will bounce back.” That was the determined message from members of Horncastle’s Festivals Committee after last month’s wash out.

Heavy rain dashed hopes that up to 2,000 visitors would pack into Horncastle for the annual Summer Festival on June 29.

Thanks to months of intensive efforts, organisers had arranged a fun-packed day for the entire family with stalls, live music and other events.

However, the weather intervened and just a few hundred people turned up.

However, town mayor and festival committee vice chairman Sandra Campbell-Wardman said the “wash out” had made them more determined.

She told the News: “It was very disappointing, but the one thing we don’t have any control over is the weather.

“However, we’re already hard at work planning the Winter Festival which will be at the end of November - and this time, we’ve booked the sun to shine!”

Coun Campbell-Wardman stressed the summer event was still a success financially.

She added: “All the stall holders had paid in advance so from that point of view, we didn’t lose any money.

“We also had a lot of backing from local businesses which was great - and from the Town Council.

“It was a shame there weren’t more people about because there was still a lot to see and do, despite the weather.

“The live entertainment was brilliant and it will be a long time before I forget the sight of an ABBA tribute group performing on the back of a lorry with the rain pounding the pavements.

“I would like to thank everyone who did support us - and all the volunteers whose hard work meant the festival did go ahead.

“It was a team effort and it is always the same in Horncastle. Everyone always pulls together.”

Several stall holders did not turn up but have already booked their places for the Winter Festival.

Coun Campbell-Wardman added: “I think we were all a bit downhearted when we saw the weather - but not for long.

“It will take more than the rain to stop us.”