‘We proud of Horncastle and like it just the way it is’

Joanna Buckland outside the Kings Head
Joanna Buckland outside the Kings Head

“We are proud of our town.” That is the message from some following our story on calls to bring Horncastle up to date.

Joanne Buckland, who runs the Kings Head in the Bull Ring, contacted the Horncastle News to defend the town.

She said: “The story has caused a lot of talk. All in all it is a nice town. Everybody has said the comments give the town a negative view. People moan about things but do not do anything.

“They say about the shops closing on Wednesdays but for us Wednesdays are our busiest day of the week. It can be like a ghost town sometimes but if other pubs do not open you will not get the customers.

“I think we are lucky in Horncastle. It is a little market town and everybody knows everybody. People are very friendly.

“We do not have as much going on as other places. Woodhall Spa had its 1940s weekend. The summer fair was a bit of a washout and we do not have a Christmas shop window competition. Rather than paint a negative picture the traders should get together.

“People say that shops are closing but that is not for the reasons they think. It’s because the people who have run those shops are closing for retirement etc.

“My mum ran this pub for eight years and I took it over because of the community. It is the community that made me want to do it.”

“I do not think it is not going into the 21st Century. It is a very safe place.”

Others defended the town in comments on our Facebook page while there were still mixed reactions from a number of residents.