We need 30mph limit - residents

Mr David is asking why the speed limit in Kirkby On Bain cannot be applied to Roughton Road. EMN-181009-114604001
Mr David is asking why the speed limit in Kirkby On Bain cannot be applied to Roughton Road. EMN-181009-114604001

A group of residents are calling for a village boundary to be extended so a speed limit on a ‘dangerous’ stretch of road can be lowered, before someone is killed.

The residents say they are living in ‘No Man’s Land’ on Roughton Road, before it officially enters Kirkby on Bain.

Once in the village, there is a 30mph speed limit, street lighting and a pavement.

But because they live outside the village boundary, they say cars are regularly speeding by their properties at 60-70mph - and there is no street lighting and no pavement.

Martyn David, a spokesman for the residents, said: “We want to get Roughton Road (North) officially recognised as part of Kirkby On Bain, thus getting this dangerous road downgraded from 60 to 30 mph and with a pavement and street lighting.

“We strongly believe that unless someone acts at Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) there will be a fatality.

“LCC have a legal duty of care here.”

Mr David maintains there is more urgent need for a lower speed limit because new housing developments have added to the number of properties on the road.

He added: “People with children can’t walk to the village school.

“Elderly people can’t walk to the bus stop in the village.

“You can’t even walk to the village pub.

“Every time you step onto that road, you are taking your life in your hands.”

The residents have set up a petition, but claim that when they contacted LCC they were told they were wasting their time.

Mr David added: “The reply from the council was basically ‘we are not undertaking any more projects owing to costs’.

“However we do not accept this and point out they ( LCC ) waste money in other areas.”

Mr David maintains that while the Post Office recognises their properties as being in Kirkby on Bain, other organisations apparently don’t.

He added: “All our letters include Kirkby on Bain in the address.

“But it seems we are stuck in No Man’s Land. If they (LCC) increased the village boundary, we’d all be a lot safer.

“Something needs to be done - before someone is killed on that stretch of road. “

The road is regarded as something of a rat-run as it is a route for vehicles - including lorries - using the nearby waste disposal site.

•The News contacted the county council for a comment but there was no reponse before deadline yesterday (Tuesday) lunchtime.