Watch-out...the tide’s on turn in Horncastle

A car parked in a flooded parking bay with the River Waring behind
A car parked in a flooded parking bay with the River Waring behind

A Horncastle businessman claims flooding in a town street has become such a regular issue that Lincolnshire County Council should consider publishing a tide table.

Paddy Donnellan, who works for Robert Bell and Company, says he is fed up with water flooding parking bays in Wharf Road.

He says that because of standing water, he has problems getting in and out of his car.

Mr Donnellan said: “Modern cars, especially small cars like mine, do not lend themselves to the driver entering via the passenger door and scrambling across to the driver’s seat.”

He said his method of accessing his car is:

*access vehicle from the shallow end of the parking space.

* remove wellies from car.

* change into wellies.

* wade into deep end.

* enter via driver’s door.

* drive to appointment.

* change into normal footwear

* place wellies where they can be reached without soaking shoes.

Mr Donnellan goes on to claim the water is often more than ankle deep.

He added: “If the County Council budget won’t run to unblocking the drains, could they at least publish some tide tables?

“Alternatively, the traffic flow could be reversed so that I could park with the driver’s door at the shallow end.”

Mr Donnellan has received support from other residents and business owners in the area.

Mark Jarvis said: “The county council paid to re-surface the parking bays in front of the library but did nothing about the state of the road.

“The drains need cleaning out. They’ll be putting out life belts soon.

“I know we’ve got the new flood defences to the north of the town, but they won’t be a help if all the drains are blocked.”

One business owner – who did not want to be named – said the problem was getting worse and the road flooded last month.

Former town councillor Richard Barker said the state of Wharf Road was among more than a dozen concerns he had highlighted to the town council.

Mr Barker said: “I have flagged up the problems on Wharf Road – and in other areas of the town – for the last three years but no action appears to be taken.”

Horncastle’s county councillor Bill Aron told the News he had raised concerns about Wharf Road with officials at County Hall.

Coun Aron, who is also town mayor, said: “I had already spotted the blocked gullies and photographed the extent of the flooding in Wharf Road and sent a service request to Highways.

“I have also told Mr Donnellan that I have sent his complaint to the County Council. I’m awaiting details of when the gullies will be cleared.”