VoteSmart backs Matt Brown as ‘progressive voice’ for Louth and Horncastle

Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown

Research published by VoteSmart has suggested that Matthew Brown of the Labour Party has become the only left-of-centre candidate who can win in Louth and Horncastle.

Matthew Brown is calling on the people of Louth and Horncastle to choose the Labour Party when they cast their vote in seven days if they want “a progressive voice” standing up for their community.

Mr Brown said: “This election is an opportunity to ensure that the people of Louth and Horncastle have an MP who fights those who have been hit the hardest in the past five years. If elected, I will fight tooth and nail for those who elected me.”

By analysing data from all 650 constituencies across the United Kingdom, VoteSmart has determined which ‘progressive’ candidate has the potential to win each constituency and has suggested that Matthew Brown would be the best hope for Louth and Horncastle.

Tim Johnson, Secretary of VoteSmart, explains: “Every voter wants to choose a strong local MP who shares their values, but they need to think about the national implications of their vote.

“Our research has shown that by voting for Matthew Jason Brown the people of Louth and Horncastle will greatly improve the chances of a progressive government being formed.”

In conclusion, Mr Brown said: “Louth and Horncastle has faced over 40 years of neglect by the Conservative Party. Our transport infrastructure is not fit for purpose. We have seen our railways removed as a result of the Beeching Cuts, our bus service not fit for our modern society and our local economy suffering.

“It’s not right that money has been invested in the cities but rural areas like ours have been left to struggle. Our economy is on its knees. When national chains like Greenwoods have left the constituency, you know that there is a serious economic and employment crisis.

“I ask those who are undecided, those who are considering voting for another party, if you want a bright future for Louth, Horncastle, Mablethorpe and the surrounding area, vote for me.”