Voices unite to fight Lincolnshire’s library closures

Lincolnshire Library protest march
Lincolnshire Library protest march

More than 900 people have voiced their opinions about the proposed cuts to Lincolnshire library services.

With the consultation period set to draw to a close, the comments already made would cover over 100 A4 pages if printed.

As well as expressing views at savelincslibraries.org.uk, around 400 people marched in Lincoln last weekend (Saturday, September 21) to protest against the cuts.

The library in Horncastle is currently facing a cut of 16 hours, while those in Wragby, Coningsby and Tattershall are faced with closure.

Dan Powell, one of those who has signed the petition from Horncastle, said: “To close a library is a barbaric thing to do.

“These places are essential communal spaces and should be saved at all costs. They need more money and longer opening hours, not cuts and closures.”

One student at Lincoln, Katie Rodriguez, said: “Coningsby library is the only one in walking distance of my house, and the only place I can get to to do my university work and access books for research.”

Jane Dale, a teacher from Horncastle, said: “There is so much in the press about poor literacy skills and Mr Gove blames teachers.

“All the research suggests literacy skills are built through reading widely and without libraries people will be denied what many consider to be a basic human right, access to books and thereby an education.”

There are still plenty of ways to get your voice heard before the consultation closes on Monday, September 30.

Questionnaires are available line (www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/librariesconsultation) and hard copies are available in local libraries.

You can also voice your opinion by calling the customer service centre on 01522 782010.