VIDEO: Thieves won’t dull charity display

A homeowner behind a charity Christmas lights display has slammed attempted thieves who tried to steal the fundraising box.

Derek and Jean Turner live in Louth Road, Wragby, and each year they cover the front of their house and garden with Christmas lights to raise money for good causes.

This year the couple are raising money for St Barnabas Hospice.

The lights were switched on November 7 and just four days later someone attempted to break a padlock on the charity box at the front of the house.

“The same happened last year,” Jean said. “It’s really pathetic. You never know when you may need St Barnabas Hospice and these people are trying to take money from them.

“Derek had to buy a £20 alarm so that we can find out if the box is being tampered with.”

Jean added that last year they had to ask donors to put donations through the letter box.

She said: “But if we’re asking people to come up to the house for a few coppers then they are less likely to do so, and it’s small donations like that which really add up.”

The couple have already raised more than £100 and accumulated a total of £880 for charity with last year’s display.

“When people ask us why we put the lights up each year we tell them that it brings us and a lot of people a lot of pleasure. It is nice to see, it’s just a shame some people are acting the way they are,” Jean added.

“We put the lights up each year and we think this year is our best ever. We have already picked up a few lights for next year’s display, we’re planning 2014 already.”

The lights will remain at the front of their house until January 6.

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