Video shows couple caught having sex naked on car bonnet in Sleaford town centre

Screen grab from the video.
Screen grab from the video.

An unsuspecting Sleaford couple have become a local internet sensation when they were captured having sex, naked, on a car bonnet in the middle of town.

The unknown couple were captured on video by Sophie Browne on her way home from work along Eastgate at about midnight on Monday night, between Eastgate car park and the Market Place.

The wobbly mobile phone footage reveals the amorous pair unfazed by passers-by, reclined upon a car parked opposite the Oakdene care home.

There is no explanation as to why they could not ‘get a room’, but in her posting on Facebook, which has seen hundreds of ‘likes’ and comments, Sophie says: “Last night, walking home from work about midnight. And I have to walk past and witness this.

“I hope the people fornicating on the bonnet of the car are being safe and are also the owners of said car.

“Seeing as they are in public and didn’t mind anyone watching, I got a short snap.”

She told The Standard later: “I was walking home down Eastgate and saw these two figures come out of a door already naked and dived down and hid behind a car. I thought they were doing it for a dare at first. Then as I got closer I realised she was on top of the bonnet and he was ‘going at her’. They saw me and didn’t say anything so I got a quick sneaky video.”

Sophie said she thought it was a bit strange and could not believe what they were doing in front of her at first.

“I was a bit shocked,” she said. “There is a time and a place.”

She took it in good humour and said: “It was their choice, it was a nice, warm night.”

Some social media followers reacted with amusement and jokes about being ticketed by a traffic warden, while a few others groaned making comments about low standards and ‘disgusting’.

Sophie said: “I knew I would get a few ‘likes’ but it just got ridiculous.”

Before the post was taken down by the Facebook page administrators, she had about 350 ‘likes’ and over 400 comments.

But so far no-one has owned up to being the late night couple.

As some comments on Facebook suggested the couple may have breached laws of indecency.

Sgt Rachel Wells of Sleaford police said: “Having sex in a public place is an offence and is classed as outraging public decency. Witnessing behaviour like this would be a shock for anyone and passers-by could be deeply offended.

“We take any reports of this nature seriously, but this particular incident was not reported to us. If you see people engaging in sexual activity in a public place please report it to us by calling 101.”

We have chosen not to show the video as it may cause offence to some readers.