VIDEO: Selfless Coningsby teenager has charity chop

An inspirational teenage girl has sacrificed her long locks that she has been growing since the age of six and had her head shaved for charity.

Charlotte Clark, 13, of Mitchell Road, Coningsby, had the chop to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Charlotte Clark having her hair cut for charity by Tina Calvert

Charlotte Clark having her hair cut for charity by Tina Calvert

She has also donated her cut hair to The Little Princess Trust, which produces wigs for young cancer sufferers.

The Gartree Community School pupil took the brave decision after cancer affected her friends and family.

Her mum Sandra had a hysterectomy in June after tests showed possible signs of cancer. Sandra’s partner Roy Gass’ sister-in-law has been diagnosed with terminal liver and stomach cancer and a close family friend is also suffering from the disease.

Charlotte has already raised more than £100 and the donations are still flooding in.

Mum Sandra, who runs a local cleaning and ironing business, said: “It is quite something for a young girl to have her hair shaved off.

“Children of that age can be so selfish, it’s all about how they look, it is such a selfless thing to do because she had beautiful hair.

“She still is beautiful though, it really suits her actually, people keep saying she looks like Sinead O’Connor.

“I could not be more proud of her.

“The school has been wonderful too, it’s all overwhelmed me.”

You can support Charlotte and Cancer Research UK by visiting her fundraising webpage: