VIDEO: New playground opens at Horncastle’s Centurion Park

Residents of the new Centurion Park housing development in Horncastle welcomed the opening of a children’s play area and recreation ground today (Thursday).

Town Mayor Councillor Angela Birchall attended along with other dignitaries including East Linsday District Council leader Craig Leyland, County Councillor Bill Aron and District Councillors Fiona Martin and Sandra Campbell-Wardman.

Children, guests and entertainers at the opening of the playground

Children, guests and entertainers at the opening of the playground

The new estate - which should be finished next Spring - is being developed in a partnership between ELDC and Waterloo Homes and built by GEDA.

Representatives from both Waterloo Homes and GEDA attended the opening to celebrate their hard work and collaboration with residents.

Coun Birchall expressed the pride she felt in the new homes and the new playground.

She said: “I am so proud that Horncastle has got something like this and I’m sure the residents will be too.

“It’s wonderful to have these open spaces and places for children to play in.”

Coun Leyland said: “It is wonderful to have furnished Horncastle’s housing need with such high quality homes.

“We have worked very closely with the contractors, ensuring that the needs of the community were embedded and addressed.”

Coun Campbell-Wardman and Coun Martin said that the development was a “wonderful asset” to Horncastle.

Coun Campbell-Wardman added: “We are thrilled to have filled a quota of accessible, affordable housing in the town.

“We have provided a safe area for children and parents to enjoy. There is no comparison to the old builds that used to stand here.”

Their praise of the new development was echoed by Coun Aron who emphasised the importance of the partnership between the Town Council and Waterloo Homes.

He said: “We were able to put some thought in and ensure the layout was good.

“There will be huge benefits to come with the playground and open space.

“I’m sure the overall reaction will be very positive.”

The News spoke to resident Louise Thomas and her three children, who were also full of praise for the new estate.

Louise said: “It’s wonderful and so much nicer. When we used to drive down the roads and were faced with the old flats it wasn’t pleasant.

“We were tempted to move before but now the area has been improved we definitely want to extend our time here.

“It’s wonderful to be overlooking these beautiful new homes.”

Her daughter Aaliyah, aged nine, said: “I love the swings, they are so much fun. I would like to come here very often.”

Special recognition at the opening was given to long-serving resident Mr Peckham who has lived on the estate since the 1960s.

The ceremony was very well attended by younger members of the community who joined in games and enjoyed free hot food and ice creams.

Officials from Waterloo confirmed the second phase of Centurion Park is set to be completed in Spring next year.