VIDEO: How every community can help save lives

LIVES, the Horncastle based first responder group, wants to see a vital piece of life-saving equipment installed in every community in the county.

That was the powerful message from LIVES’ spokesman Steve Hyde after a public access defibrillator (PAD) was fitted in Woodhall Spa.

Mr Hyde, fundraising and marketing manager for the organisation, said: “PAD’s save lives - it’s as simple as that.

“The chances of a person surviving a cardiac arrest if they have to wait to get to hospital for treatment are about five per cent.

“If they can get access to a PAB, that figure rises to around 35 per cent.

“If a first responder gets to that person it’s about a 45 per cent chance but as we know, help can be some distance away.

“That’s why PAD’s are so important. The facts are there.

“They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As an organisation, we’d love to see one in every community.

“It makes sense.

“We’ve been pushing PADS for three years now. We are getting there but it’s slow progress.”

Mr Hyde welcomed the addition of the PAD in Woodhall Spa. It is sited on a wall next 
to the Co-operative supermarket.

He thanked the Co-op for their support in the project.

Anyone who needs to access the defibrillator unit should call 999 and they will be given an access code by EMAS staff.

The unit has been provided by the fundraising efforts of the Rotary Club of Woodhall Spa.

The club’s immediate past president Steve Gilmartin said: “LIVES does a first class job and were my chosen charity

“I asked them what they would like and the answer was a PAD.

“It’s great to see it in Woodhall Spa

“It’s cost £2,200, but if helps save just one life, then it has got to be worth it.”

Mr Hyde will be training Rotary Club members on how to use the PAD and is offering the chance of sessions to other organisations.