VIDEO: Gladys is putting on The Ritz!

Horncastle’s very own marathon marvel Gladys Tingle really will be ‘Putting On The Ritz’ as she continues her amazing fund-raising mission.

Gladys has raised thousands of pounds for charity, notably the Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire Air Ambulance.

Gladys Tingle and her husband

Gladys Tingle and her husband

The 84-year-old will continue her efforts in September when she competes in the Great North Run.

Her exploits earned Gladys an appearance on the Paul O’Grady Show earlier this year.

And she impressed the host so much, he arranged for her and husband Harold to have tea at the famous Ritz Hotel in London - with all expenses paid.

Gladys, though, declined the invitation amid worries about travelling to London.

But it appears staff on the Paul O’Grady Show wouldn’t take no for answer.

After a number of requests, they have arranged for Gladys and Harold to make the trip, accompanied by son Steve and his wife Catherine.

The quartet will head off to five star venue next month for their treat.

Gladys explained: “Paul O’Grady was a lovely man but I was surprised when he told me about The Ritz.

“I never expected anything like that and when they gave me the invitation, I told them it was too posh for me.

“There was all the travelling as well. We’d have to go by train and there’s the underground when you get to London.

“We didn’t fancy that - not at our age.

“But they’ve said Steve and Catherine can go which is really good of them.

“Now, I’ve just got to find something to wear.

“I’ll have to put a posh frock on. I don’t think they will be very happy if I turn up in my track suit and trainers!”

Gladys has already been sent a copy of the menu and admitted she is looking forward to the occasion.

Despite her strict training routine - she walks up to ten miles a day - she loves eating sweet stuff, especially cakes.

Gladys added: “I don’t really like things like cucumber sandwiches or smoked salmon.

“I love cakes, - and toasted tea cakes with jam. They’re my favourite. I wonder if they will have those at The Ritz?

“I’ll have to put in a special request.

“My husband can’t eat sweet stuff so I’ll have his share!”

Gladys is hard at work training for the Great North Run which will cover a 13.1 mile course.

She has competed in the event before and is looking forward to the challenge.

She added: “There always a really good atmosphere. It’s a long way but I’ve told my sponsors I’ll finish it - and I will.”