VIDEO: Equestrians appeal to motorcyclists after road incident

A family from Stixwould have appealed for a motorcyclist to come forward after witnessing an incident which left two people in hospital.

Lucy Barclay, the current para-carriage national indoor champion, was riding her carriage on Hale Road, Horsington, when her horse was allegedly spooked by a motorcyclist who passed “too loud and too close.”

Lucy Barclay with her horse Logan who were both injured in a road incident in January

Lucy Barclay with her horse Logan who were both injured in a road incident in January

Lucy, and her co-rider Rebecca Arnold, from Donington on Bain, were riding between Horsington and Bucknall after taking their horse Logan out for training in preparation for this year’s championships.

In an interview with Lucy and her husband James she said that a motorcycle sped past her cart and spooked Logan causing both her and Rebecca to be thrown into the road.

They were taken to hospital but neither suffered serious injuries.

Logan went into a ditch at the side of the road and ended up running free before being stopped in Horsington a mile and a half down the road.

“I wasn’t aware of the motorcycle until it was alongside us,” Lucy said. “I don’t remember much of what happened between seeing him and then seeing an ambulance arrive.

“It felt like it happened immediately.”

Rebecca, Lucy’s back-step, is there to ensure that Lucy remains in place at the front of the carriage.

A horse riding accident in 2001 left Lucy seriously injured requiring the use of a wheelchair, but she has since competed in national and international championships, recently representing Great Britain in the world para-carriage championships - winning a bronze medal in the process.

James Barclay said: “When I got the phone call about Lucy’s accident I thought ‘not again’.

“She’s lucky to be alive, and it could have been much worse for both of them.

“If the motorcyclist responsible has anything about them they will come forward and apologise for what has happened.

“The majority of bikers are superb and always slow down, but then something like this happens.”

James has contacted local motorcycle groups urging riders to use caution when using the roads near equestrians.

“We would also like to thank everyone who came to Lucy’s assistance on Wednesday,” James added. “Particularly a couple from Washingborough, but we are very thankful to everyone who helped.”

Lucy added: “One of the saddest parts is Logan will probably never be able to compete in a championship after this.

“We were out training him and he was absolutely superb, but we don’t know if he will be the same again.”

Lucy has vowed not to let this accident halt her preparations for the World Championships at Sandringham later this year and will be bringing her champion horse Golly Gosh out of semi-retirement.

The incident occurred at 11.30am on Wednesday January 29 - police are appealing for a motorcyclist wearing black leathers and riding a red bike to come forward after this incident.

The rider did not stop at the scene and continued on the B1190 towards Bardney.

If anyone has any information on what happened they are asked to call 101 quoting incident number 134 of January 29.