VIDEO: Best selling Abby Tarttelin is our ‘Golden girl’

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Abby Tarttelin, the Horncastle author enjoying worldwide fame and fortune, is writing a new best seller based around one of the town’s schools.

Abby, 25, is firmly established as one of the country’s most promising young writers after the global success of her second novel ‘Golden Boy.’

Kath Fairs owner of The Book Fayre wspa with Author Abigail Tarttelin

Kath Fairs owner of The Book Fayre wspa with Author Abigail Tarttelin

The former Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School pupil, who quit university after a month, has gone from being a waitress to best selling author.

She was reportedly paid an advance of £100,000 to write ‘Golden Boy’ which is sold in 75 countries.

In an exclusive interview with the News, Abby revealed she is working on a third novel that centres around three teenage girls and three older women.

She admits she has drawn on her time at QEGS for inspiration.

Abby said: “The book is a thriller meets social commentary.

“It’s not supposed to be QEGS but I’m sure people will recognise parts of it.

“When I’m writing, I have an imaginary school in my mind but I do turn back to QEGS.

“I think all writers 
rely on their own life experiences.”

The hardback version of ‘Golden Boy’ was published last May and earned rave reviews in several countries including America and Australia.

Abby went on a promotional tour of America and appeared on several TV shows.

It recently won a top award in America and 
there is speculation a major film deal could be in the pipeline.

The paperback version of the novel - about an intersex teenager called Max - was launched in the UK last Wednesday.

It will be launched in America this summer, leading to another tour for Abby.

She added: “The last 12 months have been pretty crazy but I’ve really enjoyed it.

“The reviews have been brilliant and the worldwide sales have been very good. It’s done really well in Australia and New Zealand.”

The deadline for Abby’s new novel is May.

Abby, who is based in London but regularly visits her parents’ home near Horncastle, said: “I’m about a third of the way through. Fortunately, I write pretty quickly.”

Golden Boy has featured in a number of leading publications including Vogue, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan and Q Magazine.

Abby, who trained at the National French Film School in Paris, is also a talented actress.

She has appeared in a number of commercials and short films but says she is focussing on writing career.