Victoria Atkins calls on the Government to address broadband concerns


In a recent debate in the House of Commons, Victoria Atkins MP has called on the government to hold a “Not-Spot” Summit to address variations in fixed and mobile broadband across the county.

Victoria said: “I have campaigned for improved access to broadband in the constituency of Louth & Horncastle before, during and after the General Election Campaign.

“Since then, I have made the case in the House of Commons and in meetings with BT themselves that the provision of superfast broadband in Louth & Horncastle must be a priority.

“It is simply not acceptable that in this day and age there are parts of our area that do not have access to broadband, let alone superfast broadband.

“This has a profoundly negative impact on my constituents who are unable to access services such as online banking, the Rural Payment Scheme, VAT and Tax returns and e-mails which are important in modern-day life.

“It also affects the performance of local businesses. We are currently working hard to create a thriving economy here in Louth & “Horncastle and local companies are being held back at a time when they most need our support.

“During the debate, I gave the example of Millhouse Manufacturers in Kirkby-on-Bain which employs 25 people locally and has invested in new technologies to obtain superfast broadband.

“As such, I welcome the action our Government is taking on the subject of rural broadband cover and have invited the Minister to Louth & Horncastle to show him why local residents and businesses need help.”

The full debate and Victoria’s speech can be accessed here: