‘Unique’ new service to support jobseekers and budding entrepreneurs

UpSkillLincs founders, Andy Howlett (L) and Robert Anderson (R).
UpSkillLincs founders, Andy Howlett (L) and Robert Anderson (R).

Two local business experts have joined forces to launch a new service for jobseekers and budding entrepreneurs in the Louth and district area.

Louth Town Hall’s chief executive, Andy Howlett, and businessman Robert Anderson have together launched the new service - called ‘UpSkillLincs’ – which will provide bespoke face-to-face training, advice, support and business mentoring.

The sessions will be held on a one-to-one basis at the town hall, and will be tailored to the needs of each client.

Andy, who is the former head of a business and enterprise college, told the Leader that UpSkillLincs will offer a useful alternative to traditional ‘classroom-style’ employability and core skills programmes.

Andy said: “If you want to improve anything, from understanding management through to employability skills through to organisation, we will do it with you personally, one to one.

“It’ll be like sitting in your front room, going through it and helping – like a reasonable, gentle chat. It’s about insight from years of experience.”

Andy said many people simply aim to gain more qualifications – but still lack the skills to gain employment.

He continued: “This is about getting underneath the skin, and saying ‘what makes a good employee?’, and how we can help you personally to do it.”

He added that the service will be ‘affordable’ for all clients, while providing a personalised service that gets to the ‘heart’ of the individual’s employability needs.

• For further information, call 01507 354336 or email UpSkillLincs@btinternet.com