Understanding the past

Tattershall Castle EMN-160211-150029001
Tattershall Castle EMN-160211-150029001

A new project has started at Tattershall Castle that will shape the knowledge and interpretation of the site for many years to come.

The joint research project with the University of Nottingham for a funded archaeology PhD studentship is entitled Building a History: exploring and explaining Tattershall Castle, Lincolnshire.

The post began last month and will run for three years.

The project seeks to record and interpret the standing buildings, using the full range of 21st-century archaeological recording techniques, whilst also engaging in a programme of archaeological excavations to uncover any buried remains and add to the known history of the castle.

The project will be supervised by Dr Chris King from the University of Nottingham and Rachael Hall, Archaeologist for the National Trust.

The PhD student will be working closely with the property staff and, alongside the surveying of the surviving buildings, he is particularly interested in a detailed examination of all the graffiti scratched into the Great Tower.

Updates and discoveries will be posted on the castle’s website at www.nationaltrust.org.uk/tattershall-castle